EFPL Two Stage Pet Blow Moulding Machine

EFPL manufactures excellent quality Semi Automatic PET Blow Molding Machines. EFPL’s Two Stage Semi Automatic Blow Molding Machine is ideal equipment to produce various PET containers for mineral water, juice, carbonated drinks, carbonated beverage, alcohol, tea, edible oil, nut, medicine, detergent, cosmetics bottles and hot-filling bottles, etc. Semi Automatic PET Blow Moulding machine is ideal to meet your different production purpose and capacity. Our Two Stage PET Semi automatic molding machine has been designed to fit high-output automatic PET bottle production. High output, reliable automatic running, precise control, compact structure and low maintenance are the main features of our Plastic Machines.

Shrink Tunnel-Heavy Duty
- Can operate easily without any special training and Safety Operation
- Mould adjusting controlled by electric motor
- With PLC control system & button switches
- With high-pressure air hose and low-pressure air hose
- Speed of production - 800/1000 bottles per hour
- Max. Product Volume: 2 Liters Double Cavity, 5 Liters Single Cavity and 2 Liters Double Cavity
- Total Weight: 1200 kg, 1500 kg
- Max. Product Height: 350mm
- Neck Size: 20-45mm Double Cavity up to 120mm Single Cavity

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Excel Filtration Pvt. Ltd. [EFPL] offers Mineral Water Treatment Plant / Industrial Water Treatment Plant / Institutional Water Treatment Plant and Waste / Sewage Treatment Plant, incorporating latest State of the Art Technologies, one of being Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology. EFPL Water Treatment Systems are designed to purify Water by removal of Salts & other Impurities.

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