Mineral Water Plant

Excel Mineral Water processing Plant Convert any source of Water into Mineral Water / Pure Water / Safe Drinking Water with Reverse Osmosis System followed by Pretreatment and also having Sophisticated Post treatment As per standards of Drinking Water indicated in WHO, FDA, ISI. Available in the Capacity range from 500 L.P.H. to 20,000 L.P.H.

- IS 14543 – Packaged Drinking Water

- IS 13428 – Natural Mineral Water

About Us

Excel Filtration Pvt. Ltd. [EFPL] offers Mineral Water Treatment Plant / Industrial Water Treatment Plant / Institutional Water Treatment Plant and Waste / Sewage Treatment Plant, incorporating latest State of the Art Technologies, one of being Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology. EFPL Water Treatment Systems are designed to purify Water by removal of Salts & other Impurities.

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