The water treated by our mineral water treatment equipment tastes sweet.

1st Wash Tap Water (Inner + Outer Wash)
2nd Wash Hot Water(Inner Wash)
3rd Wash Product (Mineral) Water Wash (Inner Wash) & 2nd Filing (fine Fill)
4th Pump 1st Filling(Course Filling)
Air Require 7Cfm With 8Kg / Cm.square
Heater 3kw. (1.5 Kw X 2nos.)
P.L.C. With Display (H.M.I)

About Us

Excel Filtration Pvt. Ltd. [EFPL] offers Mineral Water Treatment Plant / Industrial Water Treatment Plant / Institutional Water Treatment Plant and Waste / Sewage Treatment Plant, incorporating latest State of the Art Technologies, one of being Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology. EFPL Water Treatment Systems are designed to purify Water by removal of Salts & other Impurities.

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