Cup Filling Machine

Automatic Cup Filling Machine is designed to fill and seal plastic cups automatically with speeds of 20 cups/min to 100 cups/min. Various model of machine are there to achieve the above speeds. The machine comes with either a linear conveyor or rotary plate. The cups are loaded to the cup holders from the cups stack automatically. The cup holder carries to the filling stations where the cups are filled accurately. The filled cups are then provided with seals by a Pick & Place System. After which the sealing of cups are done by the cup sealer. The system is in-built with PLC control and Safety Protection Devices.

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Excel Filtration Pvt. Ltd. [EFPL] offers Mineral Water Treatment Plant / Industrial Water Treatment Plant / Institutional Water Treatment Plant and Waste / Sewage Treatment Plant, incorporating latest State of the Art Technologies, one of being Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology. EFPL Water Treatment Systems are designed to purify Water by removal of Salts & other Impurities.

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